May 2021

A Person of Influence

Are you a person of influence? I understand hesitation here. You may not want to say “yes” or believe that you, an ordinary person, might be influential. All too easily, we think of influence as something that pertains only to the super-elite—the gifted communicators, the dynamic leaders, the wealthy, athletes, musicians, actors, etc. When we buy into this lie, though, we quietly disqualify ourselves from a role (and a blessing) Christ has for us. In Luke 5:1-11, we see that the boat itself was ordinary, but the presence of Jesus made it a vessel for something extraordinary. “‘Master, we’ve

Jehovah Jireh in Lockdown

Rosa and Peter, of Peruvian heritage, live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with their young sons. In March of 2020, Peter travelled to Peru for a family wedding. His flight was scheduled to return three days later. When Argentina shut its borders due to COVID-19, the government promised that flights would resume in 15 days.

Rosa and Peter spoke on the phone and calculated that she had two months-worth of savings to use until Peter could return. His workplace understood the circumstances and gave him two weeks of vacation. Everything would be fine.